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Explanation of motor specifications:

All performance numbers are calculated from the motor constants and rounded to the nearest three significant digits.  Whenever possible we measure the motor constants ourselves.  If the motor is not available to us for testing and the manufacturer publishes the motor constants we will use those.  If the motor is not available to us for testing and the manufacturer does not publish the motor constants, the motor constants are estimated from whatever specs are available.

Some of a motor's performance numbers like peak power, stall current and stall torque are dependent on all of the components that make up the system the motor is used in.  Battery voltage and the electrical resistance of the batteries, wiring and speed controllers all affect the total power a system will produce.  This is why you see different numbers from different places about the same motor.  Different test setups or different assumptions of the system the motor will be used in produce different performance numbers.  We've chosen to provide two sets of numbers, "motor only performance", which shows what the motor will do when connected to an ideal power source with no electrical resistance like a regulated power supply and "typical system performance", which uses a power source resistance equal to the motor's armature resistance.  An end users performance will of course vary depending on their choice of system components and will most likely fall somewhere between "motor only performance" and "typical system performance".  If you want to know the exact performance of a system, EDTSim will calculate the system performance for any arbitrary combination of motors and batteries.



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